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Student group raises money to build their friend's house

Arunima R. Nair, a volunteer for the National Service Scheme found herself in times of trouble when she lost her father but her friends were close by to help.

12,000 students of St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School, Pattom (in Trivandrum, Kerala) put in a their hardwork when they saw Arunima in need of help. They encouraged their peers to collect 50 kg of newspapers and magazines each to sell them and raise funds. They started making soaps and lotions to sell from school and strung lose flowers into garlands to sell them and collect money. Together, they collected enough to build a brick-and-mortar house for Arunima. They even spent their free time and holidays at the construction site to take care that the construction was going well. This story is one that shows us that the smallest of efforts can add up to bring about a huge change.

It was the students' determination to bring about a chance that made such a huge task achievable.


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